The Joy to Lead Podcast

The Pillars of Successful Sales Conversations with Natasha Hemmingway

March 24, 2020 Kaylan Thompson Episode 15
The Joy to Lead Podcast
The Pillars of Successful Sales Conversations with Natasha Hemmingway
The Joy to Lead Podcast
The Pillars of Successful Sales Conversations with Natasha Hemmingway
Mar 24, 2020 Episode 15
Kaylan Thompson

Sales and business coach Natasha Hemmingway shares her three pillars of successful sales conversations to help you energize your lead generation.

We also talk about why sales scripts aren’t helping you, and why you need to narrow in on a few lanes to focus your lead generation efforts on. 

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Sales and business coach Natasha Hemmingway shares her three pillars of successful sales conversations to help you energize your lead generation.

We also talk about why sales scripts aren’t helping you, and why you need to narrow in on a few lanes to focus your lead generation efforts on. 

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Kaylan:   0:00
you're listening to the joy to lead Podcast Episode 15 Today I'm interviewing Natasha Hemingway. She's a sales coach and speaker helping female entrepreneurs master. They're authentic sales process. Achieve meaningful success and maximize their sales wins by bringing the heart. Not the hustle, you guys. This episode and this conversation was a breath of fresh air. I'm so eager to bring you and connect you with Natasha. She's brilliant. I need you to go grab your notes. So pause this while you go grab them. Get a pin because Natasha's bringing all the wisdom, all the actionable strategies and tips that you need to step into a deeper role of flea generation and sales mastery. So grab your notebook and tune in way can all agree that growing our business alone is pretty dang hard. But here's the bright side way. Don't have to go. Welcome to the joy to lead podcast. Where were all about rising up the next generation of leaders and building teams of purpose in the world? Change. My name is Carolyn Thompson, leadership and team building coach for entrepreneurs like you. Each week we meet with business leaders to bring you life giving strategies and encouragement to help you grow your team, scale your business and step into the leadership role that you were created for. So warm up that cup of coffee for the second or third time and let's dive into today's episode. Hey, guys, this podcast today is brought to you by my free course. Give yourself a promotion. You have to go check this out. I am super excited. This is a curation. Of all the videos I've ever done about hiring, it's awesome. I need you to go check it out. Head to Jordan lee dot com Backslash course. This is a fake five module course, I believe with multiple videos and each walking you through all the steps you need to make to prepare the inner workings and your heart as a leader for making your first hire. So if you're in a season of making your first higher in the next year, so you have to go check this out. It's a free course again. Head over to joyfully dot com backslash course. Hey, guys, thank you for tuning in to the joy to lead podcast. I'm so excited to connect you guys with Natasha Hemingway. Natasha Thank you so much for gifting us your time today.

Natasha:   2:36
Thanks for having me on Taylor. And I'm excited to be here.

Kaylan:   2:39
Same. So tell us a little bit about you on the story behind your business, how you got to where you are.

Natasha:   2:46
Okay, let me jump in because it's a long way.

Kaylan:   2:49
It always is. And those of the best stories,

Natasha:   2:51
right? I'm like, don't be fooled. When you look at instagram and website and all that kind of stuff. I'm like, Listen, this has been a journey, and I'm always very transparent and honest about my journey, um, so that people don't assume that it's just easy and, you know, it takes time, right? So I am a meaningful success and sells Coach um, and a speaker. And so I buy college background. I have a biology degree, and I knew coming out of college, I could not be stuck in anybody's lab. I do not want to go to med school, and I love people too much and like to talk too much to be in those positions. So I came out and went straight into a sales position, and it was actually an interesting pharmaceutical sales medical device cells. Then it became that. And so it married my two loves. So it married my love of science. But it also married my love of people and helping people. Um, whether it be training them or talking to physicians or whatever the disease state was it just kind of married both because I was able to literally have my science background and then also be able to communicate coach, help train like all of that, all in one. So it was perfect. So I spent eight years in pharmaceutical sales, and then I went eight years into a more high end way more incense sails through medical device cells. And so I did that for 16 years. Only two companies ate and ate. And then I found myself really to take it back a little bit back in 2013 we actually ended up losing our full term son, and that was a devastating blow. Um, something that obviously we were not expecting. Um, and I share that to say, because it was a pivotal point in my life and how I saw my life and what I wanted to do. And, um, how I wanted to honor my son and just how I literally wanted to walk out the days that I had left on this earth. Because you go through something like that, you realize that life is a precious and it should be spent with people that you love and doing things that you love doing. And so I knew I had a immediate gut, responds after we went on vacation a couple of months later. Just my husband and I on the way back on the plane in the airport. Actually, I remember saying to my husband, like, I know I made for more. I know I'm called a greater I want to do my own thing, but I don't know what that is. And I can remember me and my husband sitting in the airport when he was trying to reverse engineer me into what that thing Waas. And I remember saying in the end, I was like, I don't know, I just love people and he was like a baby. That's not a business. I love that, but that's not a business. It's like just keep banking on it. Maybe just give it some time. And so I remember her um, just kind of being like Okay, well, just go back to work, do the vein. And I kept getting me, like, gut nudges. And like, these things that kept clicking in, like, this is not it. This is not it. And I just stayed. I stayed, um, and one thing I did start doing, though, is I started putting myself around other entrepreneurs, female entrepreneurs and business leaders. Um, because when you have a vision of something, but you can't see it, you don't have clarity. I believe you need to be surrounded by people who are already doing it because it might burst or bring forth what your thing is and so that I still just kept doing my job. And to be honest, it made me a lot, a lot, a lot of money. So it was easy, Comfortable. I've been there eight years at that point in medical device sales, and so just kind of went on doing the thing. And then, um, we ended up having our second son in 2014 and, um, after having him, it was still this thing of like, I know I'm called for more, but I just don't know what it is like I can't put my finger on it. And so this is interesting that a lot of times when we don't pay attention to those gut nudges those kind of like winks those intuitions. When we don't pay attention to him, sometimes they will. It'll be like a tap on the shoulder, as I say, and then it'll be a, um a turning of the shoulder and you can still are. And then it'll be he extreme in your butt where you're like, OK, I can ignore this any more. And so for me, um, I had worked on getting this promotion. It was a promotion. That was It took two years to get this promotion, and I ended up being the only African American senior Territory sells manager across the country across the division after American female, and I remember like, goodness gracious, like it felt like a feat and, um, just an uphill battle and I finally ended up getting promoted. And once I got promoted, I ended up finding myself being pushed out of my job five months later and then by not paying attention, it kind of was like, Oh, you, you're not gonna ignore this anymore. Like you're running from this. This you're supposed to be somewhere else. And so when that happened, the next thing that happened for me Waas After that I knew that I could not go back into just getting old regular job. I could do it. And as I started realizing that, I mean, it was so strong, Kalen, like the nudges and the the knowing that I had to move and I had to make some serious moves and decisions. Um, it was so strong to the point that when I would go to update my resume or even think about applying for a job, I would be sick to my stomach, like sick to my stomach. I would be in tears. And I remember my husband sang, I don't know what it is, but it's not this anymore. Yeah, because I could have went anywhere because I had that company at work for one of them, they're known to be the one of the number one medical device companies in the country. And so I could have went anywhere, to be honest. And it was really my husband having faith in me when I didn't really have it in myself to say that's not it. Like stop. And so I had been working as a coach on the side, a health coach, and have been doing that. And I was like, Okay, we're gonna take this leap. We prayed about it, talked our financial advisor, made a plan. We're like, we'll give it a year. So the leak speak the story up, get nine months in, and I'm like, Oh, this isn't it. Like I come from sales. I know about forecasting. I know about creating 30 60 90 day plans being consistent, like I was going all in and I got no much. And I'm like, Oh, this is not it. Like, this is not it. And I was just like, wow, like I was like, How could I be at this point? Prayed about it, got confirmation. How can I be here and then this not be the thing? And I had to literally surrender and just really sit, um, and figure out what my next move Waas. Because my husband's like it's not going back to that old thing. He's like, I know it's not, and I was like, I know it's not either. And so we sat and waited and I prayed a lot, too. To be honest, my faith is a strong part of who I am. I prayed a lot sat and in that four months when I call my surrender season in that four months when ended up happening is I got accepted into a speaker coaching program and it was a nine month speaker coaching program like this. Big deal bigly big investment. Right? But I knew I was called to it because even just the way that I have found her, I've always loved like communicating is like it's my thing on dime strong at it, and I know that. And so I didn't expect it to come in that form. But I was I was so open, Kayla. And at that point to like, Okay, just show me where am I supposed to be? What are my gifts? What? Um, I called to do How am I to serve and impact by doing my own thing, right? Like, what does that look like? And when the things came, I just said yes. And it was so funny because at the beginning of that 2017 I read the book by Shonda Rhimes The year Yes. And so all these things were falling into place And so my heart, my mind was in a position of just Yes, I understand. It might not make sense, but I said yes, took the lead. Then it took me to speak internationally. Um started speaking in all different places across the country. And so as that developed, then it was this thing of I would speak I would share, and then people would come up afterwards. Women like, how can I stay in contact? How can you You know, can I work with your connect with you And I'm like, I don't have anything for you. Like I'm just a speaker right now, right? I'm still just kind of figure it out. And then it came back to me again, that whole full circle of coaching And so But it looked different at that time because I'm like I was resistant. I'm like coaching. No, not doing it. Been there, done that, failed at it, right, because I was health coaching, but it came in a whole different format and just package. And so that's where it started around meaningful success comes from was helping women go from career to calling, which is exactly the journey I had been walking out. But what I found tale in which brings us to the sales coach. He is that I would help women go from critical. Maybe like I know I have this idea. Tasha, my mindset is kind of stinking, thinking I'm stuck in fear, but I want a map this out strategically. You're helping me do that. And then they would be like, Okay, but how do I sell it? Like so we would create it. The strategy, all of this, and then they'd be like, Okay, how do I sell it? Like I'm afraid is ill. I don't even know what to say at all these things. And I was kind of like, been there, done that. Don't do that anymore. Even though people knew my background, I'm like, I don't do it anymore. Let me just refer you to a business coach. Right? And the thing is, is that business coaches they only a sliver of what they teach us sales. And I was finding on I was more time finding people that actually worked sales coaches and had a lot of background and experience. And so one of my friends called me out and she said, Why are you not serving women in the way that they're

Kaylan:   13:40
16 years of sales experience? Yes. You just sitting on it. She was

Natasha:   13:46
like, Why are you not? And she said, That's That's the matter of the heart. There's something going on there. That's something you haven't. Oh, you haven't released. And she was right. I felt like after being there, being loyal, getting promoted and then to be pushed I mean, what I felt like push on my job, right? Was it Fill it hurt, right? Huh? We got hurt me all that hard work and being loyal And, um, you know, getting all these achievements. And so I had to go back and, like, really process that deal with it. And then I said again, Yes. So I hope it up. And I just started, like, literally just dropping in and saying, Okay, I'm available. I'm open to it. Shifted. You know, my website by packaging created offers, did market research all this stuff, and then I just opened the doors and started going back to those women, right? And I'm like, Here you go. And so it's just been like rabid seeds is then

Kaylan:   14:44
it sounds like sales, just like like sales and opportunities are the same thing, and you have to position your heart to be open to both things. You listen an epiphany,

Natasha:   14:59
listen and what's so wild about that, and I don't even think you know this, okay, when? But my business, like my cells coaching firm, is called Heart, not hustle like That's the umbrella around, because a lot of times women feel like they have to hustle people, or they're afraid they're going to sound like a used car salesman or manipulate, manipulative or a key or whatever. And so I'm like, No, it's really about the heart. Like, Why are you doing what you do? Are you so passionate about it that you literally can't contain it like you want to serve and show up in your business for your customers, for your clients, because you so deeply believe in it? And your heart is actually in it? Because if that's the case, that's what needs to be at the front, not the hustle. And so helping women find their authentic Selves voice and sells processes in their business. And so it's It's literally just kind of unfolded so crazy that you said that

Kaylan:   15:54
it almost feels like, you know, we are turned off and we say Noto opportunities because we're not looking for them and we're not looking for them because we don't think that we have a right to expect them and that we're worthy of receiving them. And I think that goes with sales, too, because I'm kind of like deconstructing my own sales mindset as I'm listening to you. And I think to a certain extent it's because we don't think we're worthy of it yet and that I don't know, we're not looking for it, and we're not wholly acceptance accepting of it yet.

Natasha:   16:30
Yes, that's a whole nother thing. Listen, people come to me all the time. They're like Tasha, I need a sales process. In my business, I don't even have one. They might have heard me speak somewhere they see me post about, and they're like, What is a sales process? Is it wrong that I don't know and I'm like, Nope, it's okay. That's why I have a job and that's why I have a business, right? But the mind set piece is huge. With sales, it is huge. People think they're gonna get just like a process for me or sail scripts. I'm like, No, no, no, no, no. This work is way deeper, and that is one of the biggest things that sticks out Is people not knowing their worth and their value and not really knowing how to communicate? Articulate that. And when you're coming from that place of lack in fear, it's really, really hard to sell the thing that you were so passionate about. It's just that it does not translate. It doesn't come across. And that's a lot of the minds that work that I do with my clients is getting to the root of What are you afraid of? What's holding you back? Um, yeah. So

Kaylan:   17:39
So how do we dig into ourselves? I guess, And start highlighting that lack in that fear. How do we kind of reverse engineer ourselves out of that? What are some of the steps we can take? I mean, I know we can't fully get out of that. That hole we dug ourselves in in a 40 minute podcast, but we can't start asking ourselves questions and start to grow a little bit. So what are some of the things that we can d'oh to highlight those things?

Natasha:   18:05
I think that it's it's walking yourself through your your current process. Like, what does it look like for you to reach out to a client? A potential client? What does it look like when you get in front of them or you're on a call with them, right or your own, a zoom or whatever it ISS where you hesitant? Um, if your conversion rate is really low, what do you think that's from? Why? What's the common reasons? You hear people saying no like so it's uncovering the gaps because a lot of times people are just They're so busy hustling that they're going at this breakneck speed that they don't actually slow down. Stop and start looking at those questions like we're off on myself hesitating when I go to close a client or a potential client on a call or in front of them. Where do I find myself feeling uncomfortable or what do I find myself avoiding when it comes to selling my product or my service where those gaps. And then you have to dig deeper and ask yourself Why, like, Why is that? What am I afraid of? Why is that? Why am I avoiding it? Why do I procrastinate behind that and just literally like peeling back the layers and, like the onion in just deep diving, been in most people, they don't know what questions to ask. They don't know where to start, um, where they're just so busy they don't even take the time. And that that's what's nice about coaching is is that I have this ability to go there and I have disability as I listen to be able to uncover things that I see and call it out. Very honest, honestly, like right in a very loving way, but in a very honest way, too, right, because I have to hold them accountable. Um, because that's part of my job is their coaches to clear the path to allow them to step up fully for what they say they desire, and that does not come without work. It's not gonna magically happen. You have to be willing to do the work. You have to be willing to do the deep dive. You have two willing to slow down that they're willing. Be willing to, like, admit what you're afraid off. Most people aren't doing that on their own. They're not doing that self discovery. And because they were just busy.

Kaylan:   20:18
Yeah, and it almost feels like I know for me it's hard for me to do self discovery because it takes too much time and effort. And I and I, like you, said, I don't know the questions to ask, But then once I receive that information, I don't know what to do with it. So once we highlight some of our rooted fears, what are some steps we can take

Natasha:   20:38
forward? No word. Growth. Oh, this is so good. Okay, so listen, I said I have a biology degree, right? So I get a little bit nerdy. And so when I started he ching way, I started coaching around meaningful success. The definition that was laid on my heart is creating and cultivating what matters to you most, and brings you purpose and joy. And so when people what I would find is that people would be like, I'm really desire this. Tasha. I want to build this. I want to create this. I want to share this gift that I have with the world. And it looks like this It would always be, but And that, but would always come with something that was rooted in fear. And so I started even actually back when I was in my surrender moment of like, I don't know what my gifts are. Nowhere to go. I got pushed out of my job, started this health coaching business, or went full time whether it didn't work. What I started doing at that point was doing a lot of writing a lot of writing and really voice messaging myself because I'm not a writer, but I can I can talk, so I voice must dress up. And so what was laid on my heart was this thing called the Fear to Face Cycle and it I started reading about the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and how the subconscious mind it literally. It's like those little small negative thoughts and those little scare salts and lack and I'm not good enough. No one will buy for me or nobody will believe you. Nobody will support me. I'm not. I don't have the skills to be successful, whatever those things aren't. That's your subconscious mind. And so I started digging deep into helping people understand real fear, false fear and how to process through it. And so one of my biggest things do not go into the whole cycle. But it's a five sets like step five step cycle. And the thing that gets to the cycle is is where when you identify or you start being more self aware and you hear these fear things are these things dropping in or you identify them? You do the self discovery, and these voices keep coming up. Is that to ask yourself one question, and this is the way you do it. You say, Is it true? And you insert your name and let's say I'm like, I don't have the ability. Nobody's going to support my business. So I would say, Is it true, Natasha, that nobody's going to support your business? So you're talking to yourself, Okay? And then the answer to that is No, because I don't have anything, Kalen, I don't have any proof to back that up. How do I know no one will serve support on business. I haven't done anything to even find out. Haven't taken any action steps. So when I when I shut that lie down, or that fear or whatever the negative limiting belief or lack thought is when I shut that down, then I tell my clients and people, when I go to speak is that that's where you get to take your power back and you need to actually take one small action. That's where you get to say it once more. Action because you can't root yourself in something that's not true. Okay, always say you need to be rooted in truth. So you already said that lie is no, it's not true. So now take one small action step doesn't have to be huge to take action on the thing that you desire, because there's, like science that talks about like when we start changing our beliefs and we start taking action and were able to identify our fears and work ourselves through them. Then at that point, we're able to actually really start creating new neural pathways where our brain won't default to the negative thought, the fear I can't. Then I'm frozen right and I'm stuck. Your brain starts thinking because here's the deal. Your mind believes what you tell it. Then it looks for the proof to back it up. So if you keep telling it negative things or lack or this or that, then it's like,

Kaylan:   24:35
Oh, yeah, I

Natasha:   24:35
remember that time. Yeah, you wanted to do something else, and we didn't do it because you were afraid and yeah, that was safe. It felt better that way. So your mind is like, Yeah, that's true. Yeah, You didn't do it last time. You didn't do it two years ago. You didn't do it four years ago. You're right, you can't do it, and then you believe it. But then when you start changing that message in that narrative, your mind starts looking for proof like, Oh, yeah. I remember you took that small step of action. You? Yeah, and then you do it and you do it over and over, and your brain starts to believe that because you're actually telling it what you wanted to believe. And then it's looking for the proof. And then when you couple that with actually taking a small step of action, it strengthens that belief in that proof and starts rooting and more truth. I am what

Kaylan:   25:26
was reading a book the other day? Um and it talked about how just like oxygen feeds fire time feeds fear. So when we highlight of fear, it's our job to take action immediately, no matter what it is, no matter how prepared or unprepared we feel. And once we take that action, that fear is completely eradicated. Because we've already done the thing that selling us that we can't D'oh

Natasha:   25:53
absolutely! Hands down that right there.

Kaylan:   25:56
Yeah. So if you're afraid to message a prospect, if you're afraid to mean that's where I get hung up all the time, I'm afraid, Thio, I have cultivated a relationship with somebody I'm afraid to tell them about. My service is when it's just so easy. Yeah, well, I just don't know how to do it, and I tell myself that I can't. But what I should do is I should go on Instagram wherever right now. Be male

Natasha:   26:22
and do it. Do it. Yeah, because here's the thing, though this it goes even deeper than that came in. Here is the thing. You've been gifted, right? You've been given this gift and now you've made it into a business and it's a service, right? So the thing that you're gifted with you're calling you're gifting is not about you. It's about countless other people that it's going to impact when you show up. So you have to detach your ego, your pride and your fear and realize, Hey, like I'm here to serve. This isn't about me. I'm not taking anything from any woman I'm actually giving when I step up and I approach a prospect or whatever, you're giving them an opportunity to interact or be impacted by your gift. And so you have to realize that like you can't and I said this to a client the other day, I'm like, Listen, I said that first part and then I said, Don't keep someone else's destiny trapped in your own mouth like don't Who are you to do that? Like the thing that you have? They need the thing that you have they need, and it might be a yes, a no or not right now, But it's not about you. It's about going and helping them and giving them what they need and inviting them into an opportunity to say yes, no or not right now to it. What about you when it comes to fear, it's a big thing for me. I'm like It's rude. It's the It's the undercurrent to most all things that hold people back.

Kaylan:   28:02
Yeah, that's what I'm realizing. Like it sounds like everything is and even sounds like that. Fear has an undercurrent to which is just that we don't realize our own strength and our own gifts, because once I mean somebody message the other day and I they were asking me about something I can't even remember. We had started having a conversation. She said. I love how confident you are. I was like, Who? Me? Like I'm looking around the room like what you're talking about me and then I realize it's true because I am able to be confident because I know my strengths. And I know when I'm in a situation how and if I can step up or how and if I can pull on the support of somebody else. Yes, it's so freeing, and I think that could even be applied to sales, too, because if you know your strengths and you know the strength that your business is founded upon, You know very clearly if you can help this other person

Natasha:   29:02
or not. Absolutely, absolutely. That's what I tell people I'm like. Sales is not about a script. It's about you having a process that you can actually be confident in delivering over and over and over and over, like once you have it in place. Then you feel prepared. You feel like you have a flow. It's not like the same steps every time it changes and flexes based on who you're talking to, the conditions to turn all that. But when you have something and you've actually practiced it because sales is a skill set, that's all it is. It's not. I hear so many women say I'm just not good at sales. I'm like, um, I don't think that's like a quality that people are built with. Bailey, I think this deal said right, True. Got to do the work, right? But a lot of people just don't know that. And so once they get to that point, I'm like, Listen, we're gonna get you there. We're gonna figure out, identify the gaps. I understand why you're not feeling confident where we need to put a Celt like what yourselves process needs to look like. They were gonna practice it implemented, tweak all those things, have a strategy, teach you had a close pit, all those things. And then you're gonna feel confident, confident, because you've been doing the work and you're like, Okay, this is good. This feels natural. And that's what I tell people. It's about finding an authentic. That's why I help people find an authentic sales process, not a script that you Googled. Not that you got from its, um, coach like it's not that.

Kaylan:   30:36
Have you been looking at my Google history? No, no, it's I think, when I when I first started out, I definitely typed in sale scripts or,

Natasha:   30:48
you know, I give it

Kaylan:   30:50
conversational cell scripts, you know, right well, and

Natasha:   30:53
the problem is with that is not that the questions are bad, But the problem is that you start sounding like a robot because you're running off of a script vs authentically allowing the conversation unfold and you actually leading it with authority and confidence because I always say that when your customer client comes to you, your potential customer client comes to you. They're coming to you because they already see value in you. And they they expect you to be the lead guide expert in that sells conversation, right? Or cells called Discovery God's tragical meeting. Whatever you wanna call it. Interaction. They expect that from you. But when you don't show up as that and you're not confident you're not leaving that it literally you can you can walk yourself right out of a call like you can devalue yourself and walk yourself out of a sale. Excuse me on your own.

Kaylan:   31:50
Yeah, just like you said those sale scripts. The questions are right. The questions are probably questions that you will ask in a conversation. But when you're just going off a script, you don't know the principles behind why you're asking the questions. You just know that you're asking this question and then this question next. So what are the principles of a good sales conversation like, what are the key components in the foundational pillars of a great sales conversation?

Natasha:   32:21
Yeah, Okay, so I think first of all, is you need to know your messaging that you're putting out there, whether it be your website through email, YouTube inscribe me its countless platforms and weighs like you need to know who you're speaking to, right? Because whoever your messages speaking to is who you're going to attract back, right? So when you know who you're speaking to and you attract them, you I have almost studied and become familiar with that, right, that person or who's coming to you? They're not coming from left field. You're like, ah, cannot really solve your problem because your way in a whole nother line and this is my lining. So I think it's important to know who you're talking to because a lot of times what happens with business owners is they want to be so bride and they want to cast in that, and they want to be able to sell and make money off of everybody. Yeah, and every I say that confidently, Everybody is not your customer, and they're not meant to be. And so you really need to know that and understand that first of all, so no, you're talking to, Then I think another big thing is having what I call a pre call form. So before you ever get on a call with someone you need to have a pre call form so that you can collect information and data about that person that you're going to be talking to so that you could be prepared. It doesn't mean you're gonna like. I know exactly what I'm gonna ask them, and I'm gonna close them with this. But it allows youto have some background information before you go into the call to do some research on the person to be prepared. Because that is one of the biggest things I see is that with sales calls, people aren't prepared, you know, you just winging it. You like too busy trying to chit chat? No, you don't need to be chit chatting. And you're so busy trying to prove yourself and talk about how great you are and what you do in your business. And I'm like, No, they actually should be talking more than you because you should be asking the right questions and you should be guiding and leading the conversation. Um, so that and then I think it's also knowing what you're going to offer them. And what are you going to ask them to do, like in the end like being prepared. What are you gonna offer them and what are you gonna ask him to do? And so and then obviously knowing how to not scripted but knowing how to literally ask the right questions because they're gonna be different every single time. I

Kaylan:   34:43
thought I was gonna ask.

Natasha:   34:45
Yeah, you're different every time. Like when I get on ourselves. But it's because I've been doing it for so long. I'm very in tune to listening to the customer. That's the thing with sales calls. People are so quick to be like, Oh, my God, I just want to get through it. I want to I've got to get through these questions. I'm gonna uncover this. It's like instead of letting it be an organic conversation which takes practice and knowing how to literally be present to understand their needs like that, Your biggest thing is to see to understand what their problem is, what is their problem? Uncover it and then let the conversation flow. And so I have, like a system to that but Abbas and share that with my clients. But that's I mean, that's a lot to at least open up to let you know, I mean, you know, sharing that works

Kaylan:   35:31
and also tip if you want to get better at curious conversations and being curious and somebody and asking great questions, start podcasting. It's great training.

Natasha:   35:42
Wow, That is

Kaylan:   35:44
my discovery calls have I'm hardly ever scared anymore because I have learned to train myself to always instead of like, how my discovery calls used to be is I'd be on the call, always focusing on myself. Scared My heart is pounding. I'm thinking of the next question that I have to ask. And nuts, we're bringing it over and over and over in my head, so I don't forget it. But now it's just like I enjoy them and I actually have Fine, because I'm curious about the other person. And I want to know more about them

Natasha:   36:21
that that that that like being fully present and in service of that because if you're confident about whatever you're providing, you're not gonna have to push it on people. Your goal and your job is if I know whether problem is and to serve them in that moment into the present there for them and bring value like those are the cores like bring value, be of service, find out what their problem is and actually listen to them, because when you're so busy focused on the script of your next question, you're missing valuable information that they're sharing with you. And so I couldn't agree with that. More is that were so caught up. And this is another thing, too, is with hustling and like people selling and then getting in this hustle and energy is I feel like two on sales calls. A lot of people before they see a client instead of thinking about how can I serve them? How can I help them in this 30 minutes? Our whatever your call is they've already attached. The lacked was in their bank account to that customer. So whatever their bag bank account is lacking, whatever they're no number is they're trying to hit for the month. They literally take that energy, and they attach it to that customer, that potential customer client,

Kaylan:   37:39
and they can feel it.

Natasha:   37:41
There you go sales three pillars. Communication, energy and having a process. Those three pillars that I believe and energy is huge communication energy, like they ride shotgun with each other huge. Huge.

Kaylan:   38:01
How do we detach ourselves from that energy? Because I I mean, I do that too. Like I No. Okay, if I make this sale, it is this amount in my bank account. Is this amount less of pressure? It's my rent paid. Next month, it's my daughter gets to go to daycare. So how do we separate ourselves from that?

Natasha:   38:25
Yeah, I think those are real feelings. Like, let's be honest, right? When you're an entrepreneur, your business owner, you're not getting a guarantee paycheck. It is off of your efforts in your work. But I'm a firm believer that when you can separate that, it doesn't mean that the feelings want to rise. It doesn't mean that the worry want to rise. But you have to come back and root yourself in the truth, which is I am here to serve. And if I bring value and I show up for this person and I have the my heart at the front of my business and it's at the front of my y, and why do this? The customers and the business will come. I'm telling you, man, I'm not saying you could just sit in my dorm It you need to be distant with your messaging. You need to be in places you need to done it. I don't know whatever you get leads in, but once you get him like that, literally, when those feelings come up, cut the cord, move yourself away from that and literally put yourself in a position off. I'm here to help them. I want to bring value. I want to hear them. I want to be intentional. I want to be present on this call. I am in full service of this person that's in front of me right now and nothing else.

Kaylan:   39:32
I just had an epiphany and it goes back to what we were talking about earlier where if you're looking for opportunities and you no longer have this fear mindset, which is focused inward, if you're always focused inward, you can't see opportunities because you're looking at yourself. But if you're focusing on serving the other person, your focus is outward, and when you're looking at word, you can see opportunities when they arise and you can know when to take them. That comes with sales, and it also comes with podcasting opportunities, growth opportunities, anything in business. And that's how the people come Because you focused, you've rewired which direction you're looking.

Natasha:   40:13
Absolutely. That is good. That's good. And that's so true. And I know it sounds it can sound trivial. But I'm telling you, if you implement that implement that and your intentional about it every single time you interact with someone, I'm telling you it will change the game in your business. That's why it's hard not hustle man like you people understand. People know when you're there for the right reasons or you're not. Oh, and when they feel hustled, forget it. They're out. When they feel you feeling nervous and scared and not confident. Forget it. They're out. Yeah, You feel like you're operating from a place of lack and scarcity. Forget it. You're out. And even if they say yes, I'm always like this. I don't want to force. Yes, I tell my customers, Listen, I want you to be a huge like heck yes, I want to do this. I'm ready because I'm gonna bring my A game like my energy is gonna be there. My effort, my time that I give you like and I say this to my clock. I say this to every single person that I get on a sales call with, and I'm so dead serious like And this I mean, don't go quote me because it was not gonna sound natural. But, like, I mean, this is like I tell them your experience with me and what you say about me when you leave matters to me more than your money. Not mean that, because that literally that's what builds my business. Yeah, that's even like around like I have a guy called Get more leads. It's even. It's one of the things in there. It's like that very thing is like being impeccable with your work that you do with that person. And when you bring them on board and how you treat them and how you take care of them and nurture than Nike, that's what matters. That's what matters because he's well, we'll talk about it that way.

Kaylan:   42:02
Speaking of Leeds, can you walk us through just a few foundational steps that we could start taking to have a more healthy and robustly generation process have

Natasha:   42:17
a guide and it clearly states out where to go how to do him and why it matters. And I would say I would say, one of the biggest things that most people I'll give you, like two of them, right? So, you know, I don't want to buy amount to much, but one is is like creating like your lead pipeline like understanding where your strong suits are and where you can bring business in because I think a lot of times people get distracted. They're trying to be everywhere, like everywhere on social media and everywhere on email here, hands like a soldier lane and work that lane so good like I know. For me speaking is my lane. It is my jam. It is where I'm I'm a connector. Naturally, it's it's I love to be in person with people. I love to be in community and connected with people. And so for me, I know Number one. I'm passionate about speaking, and I know for me that is an opportunity for me to connect with new potential clients. So I know that lane. So my schedule stays. Book was speaking. Thank God. I mean, it does. I get a lot of requests begins, so I know that lame like even though it takes me away from my desk, it makes me. I mean, I'm busy, whatever it's worth it. But I know that right Where is, say, for example, um, hosting live workshops and trainings like in person or whatever. That's not my lane, but for someone else, it might be right, and so work that lane. So it's knowing your lanes on being strategic about choosing those pipelines that you work that are in your business. So identifying them and then showing up consistently in that lane to make sure you're feeling your pipeline with quality leads. Because if you're here, there, everywhere, done another that you're not gonna be really strong in any of those lines to all over the place. So pick too three, maybe and really stick to those and be known for that and work that so it might be social media. It might be through email. You might be a boss, it in person networking or connections, or building a referral network or strategic partners or hosting workshops in trains. Whatever your thing is, find those 2 to 3 legs and then stick with it. Be good at it, be consistent with it and showing up in those areas so that you can build quality lease. I was

Kaylan:   44:45
so freeing. But that just feels like a I can release so many things right now and I can do I think one of my lanes is podcasting. I love it so much and it's fun. And I think that's an indicator to like, Look at what you're doing at a lane that you're currently running in. And which one are you actually enjoying? Which two are you enjoying the most and receiving good feedback from? Yes, yes, I can do it. So I bought it.

Natasha:   45:11
Yeah, absolutely, Absolutely. And, um, it is so intimate. You said, like when you when you're good at something and you're getting good feedback, it's probably a sign that you should be running in that line like one with it go. And so one of the other things is, is that people sometimes don't think of this one, I think, is nurturing the people who have said yes to you before or they said no right now. Not right now, right? Ah, lot of times people have said yes to us. We're so busy, like trying to get new business. Like Who's next? Who's next? Who's next? That Because people in. Okay, I gotta get Morgan Morgan more. But, like, we really, really forget the power of nurturing the people who have already bought from us, or they're like, Yes, I'm interested. But I can't right now. We forget them, and we let them slip through the cracks. Those people need to be nurture. Um, number one. You need to trust them. They got great feedback. They've already done business with you, so you know, they're gonna be honest in their feedback. They trust you already. Even establishing a relationship given love nurturing. Go back to him and invite them into other things up. Sell them, resell them over and over her. Right. But we I would say those were tough. Two of the big things and the God. But if people download the gotcha, you'll get all these,

Kaylan:   46:38
and I'll link that in the show. Notes. Guys, you need to go download it. Go check it out. Natasha. Thank you. So so much for being here today before we jump off. I want to ask you I love asking, um, kind of deep diving. Nosy questions at the very end, but I would love to know. What do you love the most about yourself as a leader, I would

Natasha:   47:05
say my ability to deeply connect with people. Yeah, I love it to people know when they're my presence. When I say yes, like I'm intentional, right? I'm very intentional and I love will like I love will. I serve well and and that allows me to be a good leader because I'm there for who on their deserve. It's It's not about me. It's not a show, it's not. It's really about them, and it allows me to connect with people. And it allows people to feel loved, cared for. The trust happens from that. And then it gives me the strength to be able to continue to leave the oil.

Kaylan:   47:46
I love it. And where can we find you on social media and online?

Natasha:   47:51
Okay, so social media, everything is Tasha Hemingway, the tombs so instagram, a dashing away Facebook business. Beige dodging anyway, um, world's website. Natasha heavyweight dot com YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, whatever. Everything is attaching anyway. Streamlined marketing, right?

Kaylan:   48:11
Awesome. And I'll link all these things in the show notes. You guys have to go follow her. Check her out, visit all of her pages and click. Follow on all the things, Natasha. Thank you. So so much for gifting us with your wisdom in your insight and your advice. I wish this episode could be, like three hours long because I have so many more questions, but we'll have to do around too. Yeah, well, do

Natasha:   48:33
around, too. Yes, we'll do around too, But thank you, Kaye Lynn, for bringing me on. Thank you for having this podcast and bringing this content to our ears. That's so good. I went through once we connected. I'm like, Okay, I do that. I'm like, I go through and I listen. I'm like, this is good. And so thank you for showing up and stepping up and staying in your lane and serving us well with such a good content. I thank you. I appreciate

Kaylan:   48:59
it. Thanks for tuning into the jointly podcast. Be sure to subscribe. So you don't miss a single episode to access this episode. Show notes. Head over to www dot joyfully dot com. Back slash podcasts to dive in. If you love today's episode, I'd love it if you share it with a friend or, if you really loved it, gave the show a review. So things were tuning in. And remember, you already have everything you need to drive the courage and, most importantly, with joy toe lead.