The Joy to Lead Podcast

Mastering Time Management by Discovering Your Energetic Rhythms with Ali Cranmer

April 07, 2020 Kaylan Thompson
The Joy to Lead Podcast
Mastering Time Management by Discovering Your Energetic Rhythms with Ali Cranmer
The Joy to Lead Podcast
Mastering Time Management by Discovering Your Energetic Rhythms with Ali Cranmer
Apr 07, 2020
Kaylan Thompson

Ali Cranmer is a body & business integrator, and today she's joining us to share her secret weapon for avoiding burning out and using our unique energy cycles to master time management - cycle syncing!

Cycle syncing is using your menstrual cycle to discover your energetic rhythms and then aligning your actions with those rhythms. It helps us to identify our moods, feelings, and energy levels which ultimately helps us to plan and sort of predict the future instead of just waking up and being the subject to whatever energy is playing out in us that day. 

The typical work energy cycle of the day is based upon masculine energies, a 24-hour testosterone cycle - but women’s energy cycles are so much different. We operate on a balance of inward and outward energy. 

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Ali Cranmer is a body & business integrator, and today she's joining us to share her secret weapon for avoiding burning out and using our unique energy cycles to master time management - cycle syncing!

Cycle syncing is using your menstrual cycle to discover your energetic rhythms and then aligning your actions with those rhythms. It helps us to identify our moods, feelings, and energy levels which ultimately helps us to plan and sort of predict the future instead of just waking up and being the subject to whatever energy is playing out in us that day. 

The typical work energy cycle of the day is based upon masculine energies, a 24-hour testosterone cycle - but women’s energy cycles are so much different. We operate on a balance of inward and outward energy. 

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you're listening to the joint lead podcast, and today we're diving deep into business operations in managing our time by managing our energy and cycling or energy with our cycles. Today I'm talking with Allie Kramer. She's a body and business integrator, and it's her mission to help female entrepreneurs break free from burnout and reclaim their intuitive powers by giving them the tools and guidance they need tow line with the rhythm of their feminine energy. You guys, we dive deep today into our cycles and the why behind our energy fluctuations over the course of each month, Ali brings so much wisdom and talking about how we can wield those energy fluctuations to make the most of our business operations and how to really excel in time management. So get out your notes. This one's gonna be a good one. Wait. I think we can all agree that growing our business alone is pretty dang hard. But here's the bright side way. Don't have to go. Welcome to the joy to lead podcast. Where were all about rising up the next generation of leaders and building teams of purpose in the world Change. My name is Carolyn Thompson, leadership and team building coach for entrepreneurs like you. Each week we meet with business leaders to bring you life giving strategies and encouragement to help you grow your team, scale your business and step into the leadership role that you were created for. So warm up that cup of coffee for the second or third time and let's dive into today's episode. Hey, guys, thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of the Joy to lead podcast. I can't tell you how excited I am to share with you. Today's guest of his alley, Kramer. I she is so near and dear to my heart. We've worked together on an online marketing agency for the past 22 and 1/2 years, and now we're both leading our own businesses and still staying connected. She is a body in business integrator. She has built her business on the belief that if we awaken our intuitive powers and listen to our energetic rhythms, will be able to align our businesses with our bodies and experience a deep sense of peace, freedom and self trusts. I love it so much. Alley, Thank you so much for being on the show. Yeah, super excited. Thank you for having me. Hey, tell us about you. About your background. What brought you to what you're doing now? Yeah.

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So it's kind of a long story,

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so I'll try and keep it Chauffeurs, but

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for basically my entire entrepreneurial journey, Um, the core of my reason was always to guide women into feeling more self confidence. Um, so when I first started this current business, it looked very different as I was calling myself online business manager and simply helping entrepreneurs manage and operate their businesses. Um, and then on the side, I was also pursuing a passion project that I called body Empowerment coaching, which was me essentially coaching women to feel more empowered in their own skin and build up their self confidence. But after a few months of trying to juggle the two businesses, I was feeling completely burned out and lost. I felt super misaligned without even realizing it. Um, I was going through the motions with no clear direction and really zero awareness of how I was feeling, Um, I just kind of trucking on and do what I, um But I started second guessing my decision to pursue both of these businesses. And that's when I kind of knew, like I was second guessing myself. I'm thinking maybe I should just stop there on the towel. Go find a job somewhere else. Good. A 9 to 5 put my child in day care, and that's most like, Okay, I need like, an awakening. I can't continue on this way. So, um, I knew I needed to make a change. So what I did was I slowed things down. Um, I really took some time to dive in word and check in with myself. Um, and that's when I sort of started having my ah ha moment. So it's a backtrack A little bit, um, while I was running my online business management business, That's always like a tongue twister to me. Um, I jokingly throughout the idea with some, um a woman. I was doing a market research call with of aligning your business with your cycle, and we kind of laughed it off like, Oh, wouldn't be so like crazy. So that's what I should have been thinking. But I actually thought it was like, just something silly and fun to think about, like I didn't take it seriously back then. And I have no idea where this idea came from. It just, like, popped up in my brain like magic during this call, and I mentioned it to her, and she's like, Oh, yeah, I would totally be into that us on So cool. But we both were, like, giggling about it. Um, I think that's just because it's the way way we've been, um, women feel so like shame. I guess, around their menstrual cycle is not something we talk about openly. So to sit there and think about like aligning our cycles with our business sounds so silly and just awkward to talk about. But, um, yes. So during my ah ha moment in just that time where I was slowing down, I looked back with that phone call I had with her. Was like, Maybe there's something there. And I know you and I have had conversations about and you're like, out Well, this is cool.

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Yeah, a legit actually. Consider

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doing this. So, um, yeah, after really going through my own journey of burnout, I knew that there had to be something to this whole cycle sinking, and that's when I decided to dive in.

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Tell me about so I remember that time when you kind of went off the grid like you were gone. So tell me about that time. Or is it like like Luke's Dark day? If anyone's a Gilmore Girls fan, this is Ali's dark day. Tell us about what went on in that month. You two. Like an entire month off of social media. You were gone. What?

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Huh? Yes. Oh, I mean, officially probably took, like, three weeks off and lots of people do. It's a thing. Yeah, and I was super addicted to Instagram. Like during my same time, I'm starting my business. I was getting really addicted and, um, doing a lot of scrolling. Um, and especially during like, the end of last year. In the beginning of this year, everyone's talking about their goals and all. They're like, reflecting on the past year and everything they've accomplished. And I was feeling so down on myself. Um, and just like I didn't know how to come up with goals from the New Year because I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going or why I was even doing what I was doing. Um, so I decided. Okay. Like maybe I just need to take a break off. Instagram quiet The noise That felt like the only thing that would help me quiet the noise the quickest. I didn't have enough self discipline, Toots. Say, like, I'm gonna turn this off and just be on here and showing up for my business like I had to complete and week the app for my phone. Um, so yeah, really? On the link. The goal I set for myself during that time off was to do some reading. Also, just like pouring into myself in other ways outside of my business. Um, but the first day, I don't know what happened or what got into me, but I I opened up a document on like, Google docks, and I filled it like 10 pages of just business planning.

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Just I didn't this come to me before? I had to delete It's a grant to do this, but, uh,

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it felt really good doing that. In that way. I could spend those times. Are those weeks off Instagram instead of just like Onley pouring into myself and, you know, treating it more as a vacation. Um, I was able to set up my business and plan and create my website. And, um, I also write some content to kind of schedule out all that. So,

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yeah, I've been experimenting with, um, feeling that energy to and this is something that you've helped me dio and that I'm sure we're gonna talk much more about. But there's something between there's some kind of overlap between our energies and then creating and consuming like there's times when we need to consume and, like, learn and be a really engaged on social media. But at that same time, even if we're engaging, even even if the APP is open, we're consuming and and if we feel, if our whole time with consuming, we can't create like we get, like, creatively constipated. But it's so true, and I'm even feeling like that happens to me on a monthly basis, like with my cycle. So if anyone like really pays attention, they'll notice that there's like one toe one and 1/2 weeks of every month where I'm doing lives every single day. And then there's like a week to week and 1/2 at the end of the month where I'm gone. Yeah, I am not there. And I'm learning to just lean into that. And like when I feel those really energetic eyes just go all in. But what I love about what you do is because is that you help us come to it very intentionally. Like like with a plan. So we know how to get started. We don't have to feel the energy and then try and figure out what would be best for us to dio, right? We can craft a plan, So introduce us to this concept of cycle sinking, like, why does it matter? And what is it?

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Yeah, so best way to explain it is cycle thinking is using your menstrual cycle to discover your energetic rhythms and then aligning your actions with those with those rhythms. Um, and it matters because how we feel matters and planning being able to kind of predict the future and plan around our rhythms instead of just waking up one day and being like, I feel like getting on life today and, you know, video messaging, everyone in the DMZ. Um, that thing it just wears on you a little bit, so being able to plan around it helps so much. And, um so what cycles thinking is is essentially using it as a guide to track your energetic rhythms. You could totally track your energy without cycles thinking, but I think using it helps you discover those patterns and trends and your rhythm so you can predict. Okay, this is how I'm likely going to feel this next month. So I'm going to plan my Maya projects and task and routines around this, um, versus just kind of going out of each day.

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That's really interesting that the first time I ever understood came like approach or learned of this concept was several years ago, and I thought it was revolutionary, but there was no term for it. At the time, I was listening to a podcast. I can't even remember what podcast it waas. But the guest was talking about how traditionally, like predominantly the workplace of the past, it was heavily male dominated. So the time management information and structure that was out there was built on that 24 hour testosterone hormonal cycle. And that's the way that time management Waas handled on a 24 hour cycle. You wake up traditionally with testosterone heavy cycles. They have higher energy in the mornings and then go, go, go and then go to sleep. Basically, women are so are so different. But we're comparing our energies and our we're trying to fit ourselves time management wise into that structure that just doesn't mold to us. Yeah, I think that's so interesting. And I would love Thio lean into that side a little bit more about that time management, the business operations. What role does cycle sinking and understanding or menstrual cycle have in business?

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Right. So, like you said, the world is very focused on a male cycle on hell how their energy works, which I'm not a, you know, an expert at their cycle. But I do believe and think that they run on an outward energy more so than women. Whereas women are very half and half we have on outward energy, typically right after our periods. So during our follicular phase in our population phase, and then we start to shift more towards inward energy during our little phase and our menstrual phase, which is our period, Um so I think that it's important to be aware of this and wing, you have that outward energy. So that way you can be visible. Um, you can plan those projects. Be creative, create content. Um, focus more on the CEO task during that time and just showing up. And then, whereas in the second half of your cycle, where you're feeling more about inward energy, I think it's a better time to wrap things up, take a break. Rest? Yeah, that's important. And, um, maybe more of those mindless tasks. Admin stuff, cleaning up, kind of getting things tidy in your business. Obviously, every woman's different and there's her cycle is gonna be different compared to, um, another woman. But it's really using your cycles. A good guide to kind of predicting how things will go. Um, yeah. So I think it's so important, because if we're choosing Thio, um, go on the male cycle, then we're likely going to burn out because we're trying to do the same things every day and being very outward and showing up and being very energetic every day and we're gonna burn out. So it's really important. Teoh know when to honor our outward energy and be visible on show up. Also honor our inward energy and take the time to rest so you can show up even more. More so when you're on your outward energy.

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Yeah, and I'm even playing with structuring my calls that I have to. So my client calls. I would love. Of course. I can't, like, block off all my months, but I can make sure that, like, podcast interviews, I'm batch recording at the end of March. Um, when I'm going to be hello, ovulating, everybody knows. Okay, we're going there. I want to be really high energy now. Everybody who has, like, a podcast interview with me will know that I'm oddly populating. Okay, anyway, so I'm structuring like batch ing podcast where I have to be really on fire. Really energetic, really curious, really ex extroverted on. And then, um, I'm also trying to schedule client calls heavily during that time. And then when I'm in my downward phases, I guess my more inward phases I'm just doing coffee chats in discovery calls things where I don't have to be, like, incredibly on. I could be more of a listener and a conversationalists. Um, introduce us to the cycles are menstrual cycle and also like how that sinks with the cycles of the moon, just the foundational principles of cycle sinking.

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So there's four phases in our cycle, which, if you don't know that, that's totally okay. I didn't know that either until I started digging into this more, um, obviously the most commonly known as their menstrual phase, which is the period or period. I don't know why we call it the menstrual cycle when it's literally just one phase. Um, but there's a central face of the first day of your period is actually day one of your cycle. So as you start to track track your cycle on the energy throughout your cycle, that's helpful information to know. Um, that typically lasts about 3 to 7 days. Could be sure could be longer, um, and energetically. It's typically a good time to rest and reflect and journal Um, and then we start to shift towards our follicular phase, which lasts about 5 to 7 days and energetically. It's a good time to plan and started projects, practice affirmations and then, um, also acquire The follicular phase is an outward energy phase where some ventral facing isn't Edward Energy phase and then after the follicular phase, is the opulent a shin phase, which is also an outward energy phase. And this is 5 to 7 days to, um, energetically. It's a good time to cultivate connections and live outside your comfort zone. This is the time where were super energetic. Like you said, you plan a lot of your calls during this time, and that's super important. Like, Hi, I'm also I'll be leading

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it. It's my okay live. I am a Naevia Later.

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Yeah. So, um, I'd also try toe plan Any speaking engagements, podcast or calls? Um, around this time as well, because it just comes more naturally. It's just flows better. Um, and then after ovulation phase, we shift toward her Lucille phase, which is going back to n word energy phase. And this is the longest phase of her cycle. It's usually 10 to 14 days. Um, and this is a super, um, important face to honor. Like you need to honor how you feel during this phase. Might be really frustrated during this phase, because you are shifting to Rosa and their inward energy, and you're you're gonna lose all that energy had during your ovulation phase. I wish you could keep going because you think we should keep going, but it's really important to rest. And in order to, like, feel like I'm not just sitting around during this phase, I really like to clean up in my business. So, um, weather, that's just studying new, setting up new work flows or cleaning out my Sana in my inbox. That always helps. Kind of keep me busy. And it doesn't take a ton of brain power. Um, to do those things so energetically, it's a good time to focus and wrap up loose ends and let go of the stress. Um, so yeah, And then I know you also asked about the moon phases. So which isn't something we haven't mentioned yet. Um, but a lot of women don't have their cycles or they really irregular cycles relay just aren't sure. Like when their cycle starts what phase they're in right now. So if you don't know, then I suggest tracking the moon phases, which is really cool, but, um, we're super in sync with the moon. Um, so during the menstrual phase, it you might notice that the moon is in the new moon phase. Ah, the Filic Euler phases the waxing moon phase. The population phases the full moon and the Louisville is the waning. So this isn't going to be accurate and sink for every woman We all are different have our sickles of different times. But it's very common for you to be right on track with the moon faces, which is really cool. And it also tells you a lot about how you're feeling during each face. So, for example, um, I actually have my period during the full moon, which is complete opposite of what you know, most women are. And for me, that means I might have a little bit more energy during my period. Um, which is true. I feel really low energy during my little phase. But as soon as my period hits, I'm like a relief. I have some energy. I feel a little bit better mentally and spiritually and have a bit more energy. Toa kind of kick things off and go,

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you know, it's so interesting and this might be whatever we're already we're already here, so we're going to be talking about it. But when we worked together um, on that online marketing agency. A lot of us, very often, like daily. We're meeting together via Zoom. And didn't we realize that one time that we were all kind of on the same cycles? Um, so I've heard that that could happen before, But what's so interesting about it is that we were virtual conned, and I think that has to do with that energy that you were talking about, were exuding different kinds of energies. And it's almost like our bodies were wanting to make the most that knew that we were on a mission together and we had to be very efficient and effective. So that meant that our energies needed to align. So we were the most potent as a team, which is insanely brilliant, like I'm amazed it's magical. It iss, and I've even heard that sometimes, like, um, like back in the day when, like we were all outside and like we were one with nature, women would be like Either they were with the moon. They cycled exactly with the moon or exactly opposite. So at any given time, there was, like half the female population that was on their period or like had an inward, um, energetic phase while the other half had an outward and that was so that we could like even each other out and be in support of each other during that time. I don't remember where I heard that you don't remember if I don't even know if it's completely accurate. But I I think it's cool. It's

spk_1:   24:00
cool concept and yeah, and

spk_0:   24:01
show those some truth behind it and we should apply. That mean there's truth in that we can take that and apply it like we don't have to all be it the same energy level all the time. And if we're in a season where we're very inward right now, we should look at our sisters who are out there being very outward and visible and going for it and engage with their stuff. Yes, I love that hot tip. Do that too. So introduce us to some of the practical ways that we can start tracking this. How do we do it? Are there any maps that we use? I know that you have a great resource that people could download as well tell us all about these things. How do we get

spk_1:   24:43
started. Yeah, so I Howsam steps that I wrote out, and these are just kind of steps that I tell people, and I follow myself. Um, so the way you kind of begin is you need to listen to your body. So this looks like practice Practicing self awareness by slowing down and spending a few minutes throughout each day checking in with your body and listening to how you feel. Um, and you'll need to track daily so as you spend time intentional time each day getting in, tune with your energy, use your menstrual cycle as a cyclical guide and document each day of each cycle phase and then after you've tracked a few cycles or you can kind of go as go as you track. Um, you'll compare the data you tracked throughout your cycles, and you'll notice trends during specific days, weeks and phases. And that's what creates your cyclical rhythm. Um, so those are the steps to kind of go go about discovering what your rhythm is? Um, you'll start making small shifts so small shifts in your daily and weekly routines. Um, what I really love about the menstrual cycle is that the four phases can really Oh, overlap in a line with other cycles and life. Um, like the days of week Sunday through Saturday. Um, so you can start making shifts there if you start noticing. Okay. On Mondays, I feel, you know, super ready to dive in and kind of plan my week. While it's almost in comparison to, like the follicular phase so you can start making a shift there and planning your weak. So on Mondays, who are diving in your planner and looking out what you need to get done that week? Um, and you can do it daily as well, but I always recommend starting with small shifts. That way you can start to build that self trust a CZ. Well, you can be like, Oh, this is actually working. I feel pretty good. Um, that is always super helpful. And then you'll want to start big picture plating. So as you tracked a few cycles, you could take a step back and see the bigger picture of what your full cyclical rhythm is and begin planning around it. Um, you can even look at it as a full year because, like I said, our cycle can be overlapped with other cycles. Such a cz. The seasons. There's four seasons, um, to go a little bit more into that real quick. The winter is, um, the menstrual phase. Spring is follicular summers, opulent ation and fall is Lou till so I might not be wholly accurate for you might be a little bit different, but, um, that's always a good guide to have and keep in mind As you're cleaning, you're bigger goals for your business. And when you maybe you wanna lock something, Well, maybe spring or summer is a good time to launch it, because that's your outward energy time. Um, but also, my last tip is to be flexible and have grace. We are human, and our bodies and rhythms will change. So it's really important to have grace with yourself and leave room for flexibility. Don't get upset if you thought you were gonna have this outward energy during this week and and you were planning on doing a live every day, and it's you're just not feeling it. Don't feel frustrated. It's normal for things that come up. Or maybe you have a migraine. Or maybe your cycles changed a little bit and your energy has changed. That's totally okay and leave room for flexibility. I would recommend not pushing through and going against it, but instead being flexible on shifting things around so that you can get back to working with your energy instead of falling back into old patterns of going against it.

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I think it's so cool. When you were talking about the seasons, I was also like you. You were saying like spring and summer or those outward, um, energy phases and then summer aligns with, like, the ovulation phase and like if you were trying to conceive, that would be the moment that it happens. But you wouldn't see the harvest. You wouldn't see the actual child until the spring of the next year. And I think that was so freeing when you said that, because I realized that what I do in this summer, like I I don't have to hustle and then expect immediate results. I can no interest that I'm making an investment and that, like if I have an idea and I start acting on it, I can no interest that it's going to grow and evolve over time, and I can see the harvest at a later date. Yeah, I don't know. And like, even on a on a monthly basis, taking that that mindset there to like everything I do when I'm being visible in those really energetic faces, it's not going to give me immediate results. I may see immediate results right then, but it's going to bring the most effect later on.

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It was like having a

spk_0:   30:16
time. That's beautiful. Yeah. Tell us about your flow tracker to you guys. I downloaded this thing. It's 45 stinking pages. I I don't know how she does it. It's beautiful. It's awesome. It's so helpful and insightful. But, Ali, tell us more about this Lo tracker what it is and all that jazz.

spk_1:   30:43
Yeah, so you can totally track your energy without the flow tracker. But I created it. Um, just a a guy. Very intuitive guide helping myself track my cycle. Um, I think eventually if you use the flu tracker and you're using it daily, um, I asked you specific questions. Like how you're feeling energetically where your physical energies at where your mental state Is that what time of day you felt you're best at? Um and ask me what you focus your energy on that day. And there's a little section for additional notes to which I always recommend, um, tracking any physical symptoms you may have maybe had a migraine. And for me, someone who has migraines quite often. It's nice to know Windows occur

spk_0:   31:33
because it's probably

spk_1:   31:34
the A pattern there, and it's nice to know, so you can avoid, um, scheduling anything crazy on those days. But really, it's just a journal. So 45 page journal accommodates a woman who has up to 40 um, 40 days cycle and then also includes a link to a spreadsheet template, which will allow you to track your trends and discover what those rhythms are. So it's kind of difficult to track those trends in the journal. Of course, you can do it that way if you choose to, and if that's your preferred way, Um, but I really like using this spreadsheet so you can take your data from your journal and move it over to your spreadsheet and a line things and sort things out so you can see okay, Wow, like I felt my physical energy level was out of five this week. The whole week, and it happened for three cyclists in a row. That tells me something that maybe I need to be working with that. Um, yeah, that's essentially what it is. And again, um, you could totally track your energy without it, but it's it's so nice tohave and you don't have to think about it. I mean, obviously have to think about how you feel, but you want to think about. Okay. How do I check in with myself? What should I be asking myself? What should I be looking and word and thinking about? Um, sometimes it's kind of hard, because that's not something we're used to doing and not really taught. Um, yeah. So it's just a super intuitive energy tracker.

spk_0:   33:10
Yeah, And guys like that in the show notes, um, Ali, what are some other like, some APS that we could use to not instead of the flow tracker, but in tandem with it. All right. I currently use the O via app and natural cycles. I love natural cycles. All you do is, um, you take her temperature every morning and then it tracks your cycle for you. Who based on your temperature, and that's a whole other thing to talk about. But if But if you follow your basal body temperature, that fluctuates, um, in tandem with your cycle, Um, so that's how that works, and it's really easy to use. I love it, but you do have to pay. It is a paid app. Um, and I also use the O. V a tracker, which is more clunky. It's more cluttered. It's harder to use some curious if you use any APS, Or do you know of any APS that you recommend?

spk_1:   34:12
Yeah. So to be honest, I before I had my daughter and when I was trying to conceive, that's when I started getting into tracking my cycle. Before I would just make note of when my period was so I could open that was coming. But other than that, I didn't really do anything. Um, so fertility tracking is kind of when I got started in two, tracking every phase of my cycle, mostly my ovulation phase in my minstrel face. But I used the Pandora up. Um, it's just it's a fertility tracking. So, um, I mean, it's super insightful as to how you feel all throughout your cycle. But that is kind of what the focus is. Um, I use that for a few years. I don't actually currently use it because I feel like I've tracked my cycle my physical symptoms for so long that I really know Awesome. Yes. Oh, that's really helpful. Um, but I did recently get a few months ago, and they have an app on their asses. Well, where you can track your cycle to, um, and on there, they also allow you to track your mood and everything like that, which I think a lot of cycle trackers are adding now, before, it was just like focused on the physical symptoms. Um, when you're bleeding and do you have cramps and headaches and all that, But I think a lot more of them are introducing. Well, what's your mood during this time? Um, which is helpful for sure, It's it's always helpful to know what your physical symptoms are because those were the most commonly known symptoms. So if you know those, and you probably have a good idea as to which phase you're in, Mom or you can figure out pretty quickly.

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